Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association
North-Central Arizona USA


VVARA Repeaters
Repeater Etiquette

Mingus Mountain - 2 Meter Repeater

147.220 MHz Out / 147.820 MHz In (standard + offset)
162.2 Hz PL Tone
This is our primary repeater and hosts most of the regular VVARA nets.
It is also our connection with EchoLink.
More info and photos: https://vvara.org/photos/Mingus_Project_2022/

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Mingus Mountain - 70 Centimeter Repeater

449.425 MHz Out / 444.425 MHz In (standard - offset)
141.3 Hz PL Tone

Porcupine Mountain - 2 Meter Repeater

147.100 MHz Out / 147.700 MHz In (standard + offset)
131.8 Hz PL Tone
This is a totally solar powered facility.

Porcupine Mountain - 70 Centimeter Repeater

(Currently down for maintenance.)
447.500 MHz Out / 442.500 MHz In (standard - offset)
141.3 Hz PL Tone

Link to VVARA Repeater Etiquette (PDF).

Link to w7ei license (PDF).

Link to Arizona repeater listings website.

Repeater frequencies and settings in our area: PDF File

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